Polynomials Exam

Date Mar 13 - Mar 20
Teacher Lorien McComb

This closed-book exam will cover everything in the Polynomials unit, including: polynomial terminology (# of terms, degree, leading coefficient), adding and subtracting polynomials (like terms), multiplying polynomials (monomial by polynomial, binomial by binomial, binomial by polynomial, polynomial by polynomial), special products: perfect square binomial and conjugates, combining operations with BEDMAS, finding the perimeter and/or area of a shape, factoring polynomials with a GCF, factoring trinomials (grid, PSF), factoring a difference of squares, and finding the dimensions (FACTORS) of a rectangle or prism given its polynomial area or volume.

The exam will consist of multiple choice, numerical response, and written response questions.

Good luck!

I've attached a copy of the Review questions that were posted around the classroom on Friday. You can do any that you missed during class as practice for the exam. The answers are at the end.