Trigonometry Exam

Date Mar 9 - Mar 14
Teacher Lorien McComb

This closed-book exam will cover everything in the Trigonometry unit, including: angles in standard position, quadrants, reference angles, trig ratios of angles in standard position (given a point on the terminal arm or another trig ratio), CAST Rule, exact value of trig ratios of angles with a reference angle of 0, 30, 45, 60, or 90 degrees, solving trig equations (special triangle exact value and with calculator - remember: trig equations usually have 2 solutions!), Sine Law, number of triangles with a given set of measurements, the ambiguous case (solving for both possible triangles), Cosine Law, and choosing which strategy to use to solve a triangle.

The exam will consist of multiple choice, numerical response, and written response questions.

Good luck!

Review:  p. 126-127  #2-16, 19-24

Practice Test:  p. 129-130  #1-6, 8-17