Essay work

Date Feb 1 - Feb 6
Teacher Laurie Folliott

Students in LA 9-1 and 9-2 should both have completed and submitte the itnroductory paragraph on "the importance of resilience." 

This paragraph should follow this format:

Being resilient is important in success. Being resilient means being able to recover quickly from setbacks. It just means... People who lack resilience... Although it is a difficult skill to develop,...

9-1 students should have completed their first body paragraph and submitted it, following this format:

One excellent example of a resilient person who was successful in spite of setbacks is... (1. Tell the reader who the person is.) (2. explain what he had to overcome - what was the setback?) (3. How do I know the person didn't give up?) ____ demonstrated great resilience when/by...

9-2 students should have completed their research on a fampus person that they can use as an example in the first body paragraph.