Homeroom: 9-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 26Apr 269-2: Consumerism: Article and QuestionsSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Apr 25May 8electricity unit examScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Apr 25May 3sec. 3-4 electricity quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Apr 24Apr 25Social 9-2: History of Stuff and Ch. 7 VocabularySocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Apr 12Apr 19Social 9-2: Chapter 6 Study guide for exam and Current EventsSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl2
Apr 10Apr 12Social 9-2: Ch. 6 Questions: pages 212-213Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Apr 10Apr 19sec. 2 electricity quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Apr 5Apr 7Social 9-2: 35 Million and Counting_Map ExerciseSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Apr 3Apr 10Ohm's Law quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Mar 20Mar 239-2: Current Events: 35 Million and CountingSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 20Mar 22Social 9-2: Ch. 6 Questions - 209-211Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 15Apr 3sec. 1 electricity quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Mar 15Mar 17Social 9-2: Chapter 6 Questions Page 208Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 14Mar 20static quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Mar 13Mar 139-2: Vocabulary ExerciseSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 10Mar 109-2: Questions pp. 205-207Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 8Mar 159-2: Quiz on Economic SpectrumSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Feb 27Mar 13environmental chemistry unit examScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Feb 27Mar 8enviro chem quiz 2ScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Feb 24Feb 27Social 9: Ch. 5 Study Guide and Questions: p. 187-Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl2
Feb 7Feb 8Essay Work English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Feb 1Feb 6Essay workEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Jan 12Jan 17LA 9-2 HomeworkEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie2
Jan 11Jan 139-2: "What Do I Remember?" QuestionsSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Dec 13Jan 6chemical compounds quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Dec 9Dec 149-2: Current Events QuizSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Dec 2Dec 59-2: Quiz on Web Quest Activity (From Wed. Nov. 30th)Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Nov 25Dec 6periodic table quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Nov 25Nov 28Final Notice on Overdue Work!English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie2
Nov 22Nov 24missed quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Nov 21Nov 22LA 9-1 & 9-2 Nov. 21English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie2
Nov 16Nov 239-2: Youth Criminal Justice Act ProjectSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Nov 7Nov 15LA 9-2 On the Sidewalk BleedingEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Nov 7Nov 15LA 9-2 On the Sidewalk BleedingEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Nov 7Nov 18section 1 chemistry quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Nov 4Nov 99-2: Written Portion of Chapter 1 ExamSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Oct 26Nov 4Social 9Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Oct 25Oct 27LA 9-2 October 25English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Oct 24Nov 79-2: Final Deadline for 16 Steps to Pass a BillSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Oct 24Oct 25Social 9Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Oct 17Nov 1biological diversity unit examScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Oct 7Oct 20reproduction and DNA quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Oct 3Oct 18Take Our Kids to WorkEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 9Sep 149-2: Map of Canada QuizSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl0
Sep 9Sep 129-2: Symbol ProjectSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Sep 8Sep 13LA 9-2 September 8English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 6Jan 27Course Outline: Social 9-2Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Sep 6Jun 30course outlineScienceOshann, Lindsey1
Sep 6Jun 23Directions on how to join the 9-2 textign groupEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 6Sep 8Vocabulary exerciseEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 6Jan 30ELA 9 Course OutlineEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 1Nov 259-2: Final DEADLINE for all Chapter 1 workSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl0