Homeroom: 9-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 20Mar 22Social 9-2: Ch. 6 Questions - 209-211Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 20Mar 239-2: Current Events: 35 Million and CountingSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 15Apr 3sec. 1 electricity quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Mar 15Mar 17Social 9-2: Chapter 6 Questions Page 208Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 14Mar 20static quizScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Mar 13Mar 139-2: Vocabulary ExerciseSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 10Mar 109-2: Questions pp. 205-207Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Mar 8Mar 159-2: Quiz on Economic SpectrumSocial StudiesCardiff, Daryl1
Feb 27Mar 8enviro chem quiz 2ScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Feb 27Mar 13environmental chemistry unit examScienceOshann, Lindsey0
Feb 24Feb 27Social 9: Ch. 5 Study Guide and Questions: p. 187-Social StudiesCardiff, Daryl2
Sep 6Jun 30course outlineScienceOshann, Lindsey1
Sep 6Jun 23Directions on how to join the 9-2 textign groupEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1