Homeroom: 8-3

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since March 24, 2016.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Nov 7Nov 10Aztec Unit ExamSocial StudiesYaworski, Amanda0
Jun 8Jun 9Social 8 for June 8, 2016Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
Jun 7Jun 8LA 8 June 7, 2016English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Jun 7Jun 8Social 8-3 June 7, 2016Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
Jun 1Jun 3This week's social homeworkSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie4
May 30Jun 3The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
May 27Jun 3Building a ModernEconomySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
May 27Jun 3Building a ModernEconomySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
May 16May 24Social assignments for TuesdaySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie4
May 9May 24Permission slips for movieSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
May 4May 6Commodore Perry comes to JapanSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
May 4May 6Japan's isolationSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
Apr 26Apr 28LA8 for ThursdayEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Apr 25Apr 28All social deadline ThursdaySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie6
Apr 18Apr 20Timelines for WednesdaySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Apr 15Apr 19Final Vocab TestEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Apr 12Apr 15LA 8English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Apr 11Apr 15Earlly JapanSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Apr 6Apr 15MapsSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Apr 5Apr 7Invitation to the Game - Chapters 6&7English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Apr 5Apr 8LA for FridayEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Apr 5Apr 8Social for FridaySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie0