Homeroom: 8-2

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since July 20, 2016.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Feb 6Feb 7Novel vs. Short storyEnglish Language ArtsThomas, Cathy1
Feb 1Feb 8Map of EuropeSocial StudiesThomas, Cathy0
Jan 13Jan 16Social homework January 13Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie8
Jan 3Jan 5Social 8 deadline ThursdaySocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie4
Dec 7Dec 8Social 8 December 7Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
Dec 7Dec 8LA 8 December 7English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Dec 2Dec 5Social weekend homework - China and KoreaSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie3
Nov 28Nov 29Social VocabSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
Nov 28Nov 29LA 8 VocabEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Nov 25Nov 28Social Nov. 25Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Nov 21Nov 22Social 8-2 Nov. 21Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
Nov 17Nov 21LA 8-2 Nov. 17English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Nov 17Nov 21Social 9-2 Nov. 17Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
Nov 15Nov 17LA homework 8-2 November 16English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Nov 14Nov 15Social Nov. 14Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie4
Nov 10Nov 14LA 8-2 Nov 10English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie4
Nov 7Nov 15Social 8-2 Nov. 10Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie4
Nov 4Nov 7Social 8 November 4Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie3
Oct 27Oct 28LA 8 October 27English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Oct 24Oct 258-2 class October 24Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Oct 24Oct 258-2 class October 24English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 19Sep 20Social 8-2 Sept. 19Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 19Sep 20LA 8-2 Sept. 19English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 12Sep 13Social 8-2 September 12Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie2
Sep 12Sep 13LA 8-2 September 12English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 8Sep 9Social 8 September 8Social StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 8Sep 9LA 8-2 September 8English Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 7Sep 8World MapSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 7Sep 8Interest InventoryEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie0
Sep 6Jan 30Social 8 Course OutlineSocial StudiesFolliott, Laurie1
Sep 6Jan 30ELA 8 Course OutlineEnglish Language ArtsFolliott, Laurie1