GYPSD Updates Administrative Procedures and Policies

Check out our UPDATED Administrative Procedures and Policies as of July 5, 2018.

Two separate sets of documents reinforce the distinction in Grande Yellowhead between the Board’s responsibility (Board Policies) and the Superintendent’s executive or administrative duties (Administrative Procedures).

Board Policies

Policies have been developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board. It clearly defines the role of the Board, the role of the Superintendent and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent. These Policies are supplemented by Administrative Procedures, the primary written document by which the Superintendent directs staff.

Administrative Procedures

These Administrative Procedures are the primary written source of administrative direction for the Division.  They are designed to be entirely consistent with Board Policies and are an extension of policy in the form of procedures.

Administrative Procedures may reference other detailed administrative documents that have been developed to provide specific guidelines on selected matters.  There are five categories in which administrative procedures are organized.

Procedures placed in the 100 section are those of a general administrative nature or those which have applicability to at least two other categories.  The procedures in 200, 300, and 400 are specific to each of the sections.  The Business Administration procedures include finance, facilities, and student transportation matters.

Gaps in the numbering sequence facilitate the insertion of additional administrative procedures that may be developed at a future time.